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Seeing Freshly—Exploring Perception through Mindful Photography

  • Westergasfabriek Villa 4 Haarlemmerweg Amsterdam, NH, 1014 BE Netherlands (map)

Rediscover the present moment through mindful photography.

Meditation and photography share the same goal. To capture the freshness of the present moment. To find beauty in our everyday experience. To change the way we see the world. In this special one-day workshop, led by Kimberly Poppe, meditation teacher and photographer, we will explore how we see, experience and relate to ourselves & the world. Plus, you’ll leave with some beautiful photographs in the process!

Seeing and thinking are very different. Thinking relates to the world through ideas and mental images. Seeing perceives things directly, just as they are. We usually navigate our lives by thinking about where we are going, where we have been, what we are doing, what we hope for, and what we fear. This inner monologue overshadows most of our experience. Every now and then there are gaps in the flow of our inner chatter where fresh perceptions shine through and our mind becomes calm and clear, but generally we gloss over these moments quite quickly. Learning to recognise and appreciate these moments of fresh sense perception is what we will discover together by exploring perception through mindful photography.*

Through this workshop you will discover:

•   a quiet mind

•   a different way of seeing the world

•   your creative self

•   instant joy

•   how to be more present in your everyday life and live more in the moment

What people have said about previous workshops:

“The workshop was a wonderful way to perceive the world in a different way. The way you are guided in the workshop is very inspiring. Beautiful exercises.”

“A real mind opener on how to look around you and capture what you experience in the present moment.”

“A beautiful experience, bringing fresh inspiration how to see, thank you for your heart-warming way of sharing your knowledge!”

No prior experience necessary—just bring yourself and a camera or camera phone!

with Kimberly Poppe

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