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Regular Events

Morning and evening guided meditation.
free to attend. just show up!


Wake Up! Morning Meditation

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday
08:00 - 08:30

Start the day well with 30 minute guided meditation.          

with Steve & Bram

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Wind Down! Evening Meditation

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
18:30 - 19:15

Rebalance after work with 45 minutes guided meditation. 

with Steve, Kimberly & Davide

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Every Wednesday
19:30 - 20:15

Come together to be guided in a simple practice of loving-kindness, a meditation that cultivates our capacity for an open & loving heart.  

with Kimberly

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4-week courses to learn the basics of meditation, loving-kindness & contemplation practices.


One Off

a whole range of different workshops, interactive talks, and celebrations. 

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One-Day Events

Spend a bit longer to dive more deeply into a topic or to take a step back for a day in our 1-day retreats. 

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come together to share good food, good music & good company. Celebrating the seasons and our own growth.

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Listening, coaching, treatments

to help you look after yourself


Meditatie voor caregivers

dinsdag, woensdag (tot en met 15 augustus)
13:00 - 13:30

In samenwerking met CareSpace

(in het Nederlands)

Zoek je ruimte om op adem te komen? Je bent van harte welkom bij onze "caregivers" meditatiegroep op dinsdagen en woensdagen.  Je kunt evt. daarna blijven voor onze inloop luistersupport.

met Annie Birken & Lieke van Nood

Luistersupport voor caregivers

dinsdag, woensdag (tot en met 15 augustus)
13:30 - 16:00

In samenwerking met CareSpace

(in het Nederlands)

Zorg je voor een ander (professioneel of anders) die confronteerd wordt met ziekte, verlies of zelfs sterven? Ben je zoekend in hoe je kunt helpen? Annie of Lieke bieden graag een luisterend oor en praktische tips.

met Annie Birken & Lieke van Nood

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Shiatsu and Japanese Accupuncture

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (by appointment)

In collaboration with Iokai Shiatsu Praktijk Noord

We are very fortunate to have Birute Mala at HOME for the summer. Birute has a passion for Oriental Medicine, graduating from the Iokai Shiatsu school in Amsterdam in 2012. Shiatsu can restore the dynamic equilibrium of the body and mind; encouraging deep relaxation and healing.

In the Netherlands most health insurance companies reimburse Iokai Shiatsu treatments when the patient has purchased additional ‘alternative medicine’ insurance.

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